‘Bones’ season 9, episode 11 preview: An Emily Deschanel – McKayla Maroney scene

Bones -Friday night’s “Bones” season 9 episode is entitled “The Spark in the Park,” and it’s going to be one that will hopefully cap off the fall season on a high note. This will, after all, be an hour that revolves heavily on gymnastics, surprising twists and turns, and even a memorable guest star in McKayla Maroney.

But is the former Olympian also going to be a murderer? If she is, then she has a pretty interesting way of covering it up. Her character is a fellow gymnast who claims that the murder victim in Booth and Brennan’s case was like “a sister” to her, and she would never do something so horrible as to kill her. Instead, she claimed that the victim may have been suffering from some other problems in her life, and wasn’t even planning in the first place to return to some of her training following an injury.

Personally, we’re hoping that the former Fierce Five member does get a pretty meaty story here, and being the murderer in the end would be part of that. But at the same time, we cannot really say that this is what we’re pulling for. Why? That would be predictable. The motivation would clearly be to take out a competitor in a sport that gives very few opportunities for glory, and with this character already injured, it would be easy to find a way to pawn the death off some other troubles. This wasn’t like the victim was at the top of her game and firing on all cylinders before mysteriously dying. Then again, it may have reduced the temptation of Maroney’s character to kill her if she knew that she could beat her anyway.

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Photo: Fox

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