‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Who does Patrick Jane ask out on a date?

The latest -Who knew that there could be more than just a love triangle on “The Mentalist“? Following up last Sunday’s “My Blue Heaven,” we were placed in a situation where Patrick Jane had flirted relentlessly with Kim Fischer, only to realize later that she was actually an FBI agent playing him the whole time. Then, there is also Lisbon in the equation, which is important to note given that she is the choice of many of the fans to be with him.

But ironically, neither one of them is the person who Jane asks out on his first formal date since losing his wife. According to TVLine, “Devious Maids” actress Brianna Brown is set to guest-star on the show as Krystal Markham, a woman who is connected to a case that the FBI is working on. However, Jane pulls a fast one on pretty much everyone when he decides to ask Krystal out on a date.

So could there be an ulterior motive for Jane here? Sure. This could be a woman who is a suspect, and his “date” with her may just be a clever way for him to get some more information out of her. So long as he’s not being played himself (which we certainly saw during “My Blue Heaven,” we do know already that he has a talent for charming people into giving him information.

This casting does more or less give away that Jane is going to eventually warm up to the idea of working with the FBI, which you probably assumed was going to be happening in the first place given the sort of general direction that the show has been heading in as of late. Given that Brown already has a full-time job over on the Lifetime series, we don’t see her sticking around no matter what happens.

But even with the aforementioned sentence in mind, are you feeling bummed that the Jane / Lisbon story-that-could-be is getting pushed back further and further? We want to hear what you think.

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Photo: CBS

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