‘American Horror Story: Coven’ episode 8 review: Is Misty Day the next supreme?

Lily Rabe is back -It has been two weeks since the last “American Horror Story: Coven” episode so fans have had quite a while to prepare themselves for tonight’s big episode. Was it worth the wait? If you haven’t watched the episode yet don’t read further, this is a review and will contain spoilers.

Queenie: Now that she has switched over to Marie’s side, she has been promised more power then she ever had while with Fiona’s coven. Delphine is still being held by Marie and even though Queenie orchestrated it, she still has a connection to her and doesn’t want her to suffer. Marie on the other hand is not done torturing Delphine, or the coven and cuts off her head and sends it back to Fiona.

Nan and Luke: After spending time with the witches, Luke’s mother felt that he was unclean and tortures him while trying to cleanse him (what is with all of the evil mothers this season making their sons take their pants off?) Nan hears his screams in her mind and goes over to help him and finds him tied up in a closet. Nan and Luke try to escape the house together, but Cordelia’s husband (the witch hunter) shoots Luke (and kills his mother) when he attempts to save Nan from his bullet. Cordelia learns that someone is hunting the witches when she finds a silver bullet near where Luke and his mother were shot.

Misty Day and Myrtle Snow: After an attack on Misty’s house by an assassin, Misty and Myrtle have taken solace at the coven. Myrtle reveals to the group that she thinks Misty is the next supreme and that they have to get rid of Fiona for Misty to take her place.

The plan: The coven decides to try and get rid of Fiona (even though she is dying of cancer) and tries to push her towards death so the next supreme can rise. Madison appears before Fiona and tells her that she is the next supreme and that everyone knows she tried to kill her, giving her the choice to either kill herself or burn at the stake. Instead Fiona tries to flee with the axeman, but Myrtle confronts her. After realizing that the Axeman is going to leave her as she gets sicker, Fiona decides to take her own life.

Spalding the savior: In her dying moments, Fiona sees Spalding, who reveals the coven’s lies to her and gives her a liquid to induce vomiting to bring her back to life. He also tells her about Misty Day being the real witch that could be the supreme.

Fiona’s return: After letting the coven know that she’s still alive, she confronts everyone including Misty, asking her to perform her magic of resurgence on Luke’s mother. Fiona tells Cordelia that she is proud of her for trying to kill her, and is proud of her strength. Cordelia says that now that she knows someone is hunting them she is happy that Fiona didn’t die because they need her.

FrankenKyle’s love: After the Madison, Zoe and FrankenKyle make out session last week, Madison is certain that sharing Kyle is the way things are going to work between all of them, but when he learns how to speak, he tells Zoe that he loves her as Madison overhears.

Over all there seemed to be too much going on in this episode. The Queenie/Marie story along with the FrankenKyle love admission seemed jammed into what was already a pretty packed episode It would’ve been nice to have the FrankenKyle love admission when there was more time to nurture it since it is a story that we have loved watching unfold this season.. Grade: B-

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “American Horror Story: Coven”? Do you think that Fiona will seek revenge on the other members of the coven? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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