‘Supernatural’ season 9: Read Osric Chau’s touching post-fall finale message

Kevin Tran -Obviously, we kick off this “Supernatural” article with a warning: If you haven’t yet seen the fall finale that aired on The CW Tuesday, stop reading now. There are some pretty MAJOR SPOILERS ahead.

Now that we’ve said that, let’s try to transition now into what was the saddest news that we’ve had to report on the show all year: The death of Kevin Tran. This was a guy who was beloved by many, and the way in which he died came as a total shock and out of left field. Sam, possessed fully by the angel Gadreel, ended up killing the prophet in order to prevent him from finding a way to stop Metatron and his reign of terror up in Heaven. Without really an opportunity to say goodbye to the character, he was gone.

Obviously, it has to be pretty emotional to watch himself die on TV, especially after coming to be a part of the #SPNFamily in the way that he has. Chau obviously will be a part of the family forever, and given what we’ve seen on the show already (see: Bobby), it’s always possible for the dead to somehow return.

But for the time being, the lengthy, emotional message that Chau wrote on his Twitter last night makes this feel at least somewhat permanent. What we have below is just a small sample of it:

“They said every prophet was supposed to have an archangel tethered to them for divine intervention should there be danger. Chuck had Raphael to protect him from Lilith but by the time Kevin had become the prophet, the arch angels were either dead or locked away. I like to think that the SPNFamily had been Kevin’s angels all along and the biggest reason for his survival. I thank you for that. These thoughts were swimming through my head as I lay there on the floor in darkness.

“I had prosthetics on my eyes so I couldn’t see, nor could my eyes be seen. That was for the best because it was in those moments that I said my farewells. To the studio, the houseboat, the Men of Letters bunker where I spent so much time. To craft services, the caterers, and the candy tray, where I spent even more time. To the faces I’ve gotten so used to seeing over the last two years, I had to say ‘see ya later’ because I just couldn’t bring myself to say goodbye, all the while hoping that the glue holding my eye pieces in place weren’t in jeopardy of dissolving.”

We do believe that Kevin will surface again someday, but probably not for at least a little while. The show needs to at least establish that death means something, and is not something that can be taken particularly lightly … even on a show where you see dead people come back much of the time.

Click here if you want to see a preview for what is coming up, at least if you can try to level off the tears for a few minutes.

Photo: The CW

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