‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 10 spoilers: Is there another time jump?

Green Thumb -The Mentalist” seems to be having no problem at all jumping around in time; not only that, but based on where he was in Latin America and where he is at the start of Sunday’s episode called “Green Thumb,” we imagine that Patrick Jane’s email inbox is probably going to be full.

According to TV Guide, you are going to be staring in the face of yet another time jump when Sunday rolls around, with the only difference here being that this one is only going to last for three months rather than two years. During that time, Patrick Jane will have been locked up in detention, a move that was (as you saw earlier on the show) very much his own doing. He made the choice that he’d be better off there than trying to go along with the plan that Abbott had appointed for him.

However, there is going to eventually be something that starts to change things up a little bit. Jane will come up with some sort of idea while he is locked away, and will try to execute it … but whether or not he succeeds is yet to be seen. Let’s just say that it could involve a few little odds and ends from the Red John case that you may have been wondering about. While this case is seemingly closed, its spirit does live on in some form.

As for Lisbon, Jane continues to write to her during his time locked away, and judging from the photo above, the two could be working together again soon. That, at least for us, is a thrill. While there is still a possibility of Jane / Kim Fischer getting together, you also can’t rule out the original and still the best ship that the show has to offer.

“Green Thumb” will hopefully air at an earlier time on Sunday, but we’ll have more news about that over the weekend. For now, just click here if you want to watch the promo for the episode again!

Photo: CBS

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