‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 9 review: Who is Gadreel, who died, and Sam – Ezekiel shocker

Holy Terror -“Holy Terror” may just be the “Supernatural” episode that you’ve been waiting for the past few weeks. It abandoned some of the comedy you’ve seen as of late, and focused on a story that was much more emotional, and answered a good many questions about what is really going on with the angels.

The first thing to know? Ezekiel is not really Ezekiel at all. Instead, it’s an angel named Gadreel, who is using a false name to “heal” Sam and stay out of harm’s way. The problem with that is that he is hardly the same sort of virtuous angel, and when Metatron appeared to him with an offer to be his #2 (and some weird demand about wanting more “funny” angels), he listened … at least until he found out that there was a list of names that he’d be forced to take out. That gave him pause, but as you’ll read soon, not pause enough. At least hats off to Jared Padalecki for taking these multiple-personality scenes on with gusto.

What is so interesting about the reveal is how it changes almost everything. There’s no reason to keep Sam and Castiel apart, and this was probably just so that Castiel didn’t ask too many questions in the first place. Now that our favorite angel is actually an angel again himself, that bodes well for him being much more of a force in the looming war ahead.

But after the truth came out about the angel that was actually in Sam, the only war that we seemed to be witnessing was between the two Winchesters … and things turned into complete and utter chaos. Gadreel went on a warpath inside of Sam, seemingly killing Kevin to keep him from finding a way to stop Metatron. Then, to make matters worse, he said that Sam was dead inside him. We don’t believe that since there is no show without Sam. We thought things would get bad when this reveal took place, but who knew it would turn into complete insanity with a body count? “Supernatural’s” Christmas gift this year was a metaphorical dagger in the heart.

This was the hardest episode to watch of the season. It was stunning, powerful, and it actually has us chomping at the bit to figure out what happens next. We just wish there was a way we didn’t have to lose Kevin in the process. Grade: A-.

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