NBC adapting a ‘Wolfman’ series, just in case ‘Teen Wolf’ isn’t quite enough for you

Big news -We wish we could be more excited about the idea of seeing “The Wolfman” on TV, but at this point it’s not really high on our list. You already have “Grimm,” “True Blood,” “The Originals,” and of course “Teen Wolf” already exploring similar territory … so do we really need another show about featuring the same story?

Apparently, NBC believes that there is something still to milk out of the idea. According to Deadline, “Dracula” head writer Daniel Knauf is going to be one of the people working on developing this project, which is an adaptation of the 2010 “Wolfman” movie starring Benecio del Toro. First of all, we didn’t think that this movie was really enough of a success to garner any further attention. Not only that, but the ratings for “Dracula” have not exactly been a home run.

But, we do at least admire the effort of NBC to put together a supernatural-themed lineup on Fridays anchored by “Grimm.” If one of these 10:00 p.m. shows ends up being a hit, this will end up feeling like a win. There is an audience to be taken at this time of the night, given that the only real scripted competition is the oldest-skewing drama on TV in “Blue Bloods.” If you can just get a good chunk of the demo crowd home on Fridays watching, then you’re off to a good start. We just personally feel like a much better route to take would be devising some sort of supernatural property that is more original, and not so played out in pop culture. We haven’t even referenced “Twilight” in this article, which is really where the entire vampire / werewolf craze really started in the first place.

Do you believe that we need another wolf-themed series, and if so, is this the  right way to really do it? Share some of your thoughts below, and we’ll have some more scoop on this throughout its development process.

Photo: NBC

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