‘The Amazing Race 23’: What teams from this season are all-star candidates?

Amazing Race -Since “The Amazing Race” is starting to become a little more like “Survivor” in the regularity of bringing back returning players (though they’re not at that insane level yet), this season feels like the right time to ask the question: What sort of teams would make for perfect all-stars on another season?

Typically, we’d only say that one or two teams on a season are good candidates, mostly because there aren’t typically that many that are memorable outside of where they place, or what sort of mistakes that they make, but we would argue that this time around, there are a pretty solid contingent of candidates whether you are looking at a “gone too soon” season or even one of teams who made it far.

Chester & Ephraim – You know that the show loves to have their token athlete teams, and these guys were entertaining and had huge potential. They just made a mistake at an airport that screwed them over.

Brandon & Adam – Just their look alone makes them distinctive, and they were somewhat screwed in their own right by a U-Turn (though they probably would have been in danger regardless).

Nicky & Kim – Just like the “Amazing Race” loves athletes, they love the wives of athletes. They are longshots, but they were at least the most memorable all-female team since the twinnies.

Leo & Jamal – These guys are probably locks so long as they don’t win. They were polarizing (good for the race), energetic, and while they can be annoying, they are cognizant that this is a TV show.

Tim & Marie – If they can stand to do it again with each other, sure … also provided that they don’t win. You like to have drama on your show, and there is no one more dramatic than Marie.

Travis & Nicole – If they win, we feel like that will decrease their odds of coming back, and those odds aren’t that great in the first place. The major chance that they have is that an all-star season is looking for a married-couple team that is not just a pair of people in their twenties.

Who would you like to see come back? Make your pick below, and click here if you want to see the (spoiler alert!) rumor about who from this season may actually be a part of an upcoming season.

Photo: CBS

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