‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ video: Can Monica Culpepper win immunity again?

She's back -You’ve likely seen some of those “Survivor” previews that tease a huge development at tribal council Wednesday, but in case you haven’t we’re not going to spoil anything for you here. Instead, the inevitable question that comes out of watching the sneak peek below is if Monica Culpepper can find a way to win another challenge.

This looks like it is going to be a competition that is about patience, balance, and flexibility as you have to keep your balance, and navigate a ball through a series of different obstacles without dropping it (at least for the first stage). Monica Culpepper is coming into this with a pretty solid streak of wins, and based on what we’re seeing in the preview, she seems to be well on her way to taking home another.

But does she really need immunity? At the time that the challenge was happening, she probably felt like she did; but in reality, she feels pretty safe as a member of Tyson and Gervase’s alliance. The two people who are on the outs are Katie Collins and Hayden Moss, though it would not come as much of a surprise at all to see Ciera Eastin be punished for repeatedly playing the game and flipping sides. It’d be the easiest vote for all parties to make if Monica is really with Tyson and Gervase.

But since this article is more about the immunity challenge, we’re not going to let the cup runneth over too much with strategy talk. What we’re mostly curious about here is if Monica will lose a challenge for the first time in weeks, or if her repeatedly winning is going to start making her into a target. You never know what a jury is going to go on in the end, as some tend to value challenge wins above all else.

Would Monica’s winning streak make her a target if you were one of the other five players left, or would you still feel like there are other threats more important to take out, even if she loses? Share what you think below! Click here to take a look at our Vytas Baskauskas interview from yesterday, and we’ve got a continuous stream of “Survivor” updates from the show to the right.

Photo: CBS

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