‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ episode 11 preview: First look at an NYPD Christmas

Brooklyn Nine-Nine -Who doesn’t love a good holiday special? So long as it fits the spirit of the show and doesn’t have any sort of terribly-schmaltzy message to go along with it, these often make for some of the funniest episodes of any show.

Now, the baton is being passed to “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” to create something very funny in its first season. Luckily, we have every bit of hope that this show can pull it off following their fantastic Thanksgiving special. You not only have Santa-on-Santa violence (always a plus for any holiday special), but you also have the chuckle-worthy sight of Jake cuffing himself to Captain Holt, vowing to keep him safe from anything and everything that could come in his direction.

Do we expect anything revolutionary to happen here? Hardly, but that is mostly because nothing revolutionary has happened during the entire first season (not that we mind). We almost sense at this point the pattern that is happening on the show, at least in that the first 11 episodes have been focused on establishing who the Nine-Nine are as police detectives, and they will from there transition into some more personal stories. An obvious connection here is with another show with Mike Schur’s name on it in “Parks and Recreation,” which has become much more serialized in its sixth season as you start to see Ann leave and Leslie kicked out of office.

But we like the work that this cop show is doing first in making sure you know who everyone is, and what their individual personality quirks are. We know that the ratings have not been a home run by any means, but it feels like this is a show setting itself up for a very long life.

What do you want to see happen on Tuesday night’s “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” episode? Share your thoughts below, and click here to take a look at the full review for the holiday special.

Photo: Fox

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