‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 9 preview: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and the truth

Take a look -“Would I lie?”

That is a question Dean Winchester asks in the last clip from tonight’s “Supernatural” season 9 episode, and if Sam has any sense in him, given that he just found out about a Dean lie two weeks ago during “Bad Boys,” he would know the answer to that. To be fair, this is a lie on a much grander scale than anything that he has kept a secret throughout the season so far.

But the problem that Dean is clearly running into at this point is that Jared Padalecki’s character is starting to figure out what is happening to him, at least in terms of him missing huge blocks of time and not understanding why. He’s a smart guy who likes to control his own destiny, so of course he’s going to start to freak out a little if he does not believe that this is actually happening.

But for now, Jensen Ackles’ “protector” gives him the same sort of form answer in the clip that he has before: It’s all the Trials’ fault. They are messing with his mind! In reality, it’s the angel Ezekiel that is actually controlling his mind, and keeping from knowing that he is in there, “healing” him from the inside. The reason that we have that in quotes is because in all honesty, it’s hard to say whether or not Sam still even really needs him. There have been hints regarding Ezekiel having an ulterior motive at this point, and Dean is going to start to think about potentially finding a different sort of way to reveal the truth to him beyond just the ordinary “trying to tell him,” since that hasn’t seemed to work as of yet.

Regardless of whatever decision is made here, it has to be a big one. This is the last time that we will be seeing “Supernatural” this fall, given that the show will be off until the new year with more episodes.

You can click here to read more about this episode, at least in terms of some of what we would like to see during it.

Photo: The CW

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