‘True Blood’ season 7 spoilers: Stephen Moyer on possibility of Bill – Sookie endgame

The finale -How will the story end for Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton on “True Blood“? This has been an important question since the beginning of the show, especially since it was clear that there was an attraction here, but also danger. Not only is Bill a vampire, but he’s also not exactly the most sympathetic one of the bunch. He’s actually a little bit of a jerk more often than not, especially during his whole Billith phase where he was storming around having angry conniptions most of the time.

For Stephen Moyer, he has a pretty interesting perspective on whether or not there could be some sort of endgame for his character and the one played by his real-life wife in Anna Paquin: It’s not something that he concerns himself with. Speaking to TVLine in promotion of this and his participation in “The Sound of Music Live” on Thursday, the actor had the following to say on the subject:

“I don’t know whether they can be, given everything that’s happened between them. What Bill did was open up something inside her that she had never had before. He was the key to a new world for her. And maybe that’s all he was supposed to be — a window into that world. I don’t think that there is a right or wrong answer. I think a bunch of people would be happy if that was the story and a bunch of people would be p-ssed off if that was the story. I don’t read that s–t, so I don’t care, ultimately. All I want to do is do the show and have fun doing it.”

Moyer also has an interesting perspective on the show ending that we’re sure that many other longtime series regulars do: he’s sad to see it go, but at the same time he recognizes that there is a certain relief in the show being over as he can go and pursue new opportunities.

Moyer also recently talked about some other interesting ideas for the final “True Blood” season, including stripping down with Alexander Skarsgard. We were just as stunned as you were.

Photo: HBO

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