Barbara Walters puts ‘Duck Dynasty’ family, Miley Cyrus, Prince George on Most Fascinating list

Check it out -That’s right: For 2013, Barbara Walters has put someone on her Most Fascinating list who has yet to speak a word to the entire world in Prince George. Why not put Prince William on again, or someone else in the British nobility? There are a few baffling choices on this list, and this has to be considered one of them.

Walters will air her Most Fascinating People of 2013 special come December 18, and she will have an opportunity to speak with at least some of the people below during it. However, there are some others (see the Prince) that will probably not be making an appearance in anything other than photos.

Her most-fascinating person will be revealed during the special; but for now, take a look at the rest of the list.

The Robertsons from “Duck Dynasty” – We like the pick here, since they have exploded in popularity this year, and they also represent a way of life that is not always synonymous with fame.

Miley Cyrus -Sure, bad behavior obviously got her on the list, but we also feel like it is calculated bad behavior. Notice that Miley has never been arrested for anything. She clearly knows what she is doing.

Prince George – We’ve already said all that we need to here.

Pope Francis – One of those people that was an obvious choice, but Walters is going to have a hard time getting an interview with him.

Robin Roberts – If Roberts wasn’t on ABC, do you think that she would be on this list? Conspiracy theories aside, we understand this one given that she did battle a form of cancer and made it back in the anchor’s chair.

Jennifer Lawrence – The most popular actress on the planet, and someone who is still able to keep her wits about her in the process. Her past awards seasons speeches were pretty awesome.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – Ugh. We don’t like this choice at all, mostly because neither has done anything more “fascinating” this year than in the past, save for having a baby. They more on the entitled list.

Diana Nyad – The long-distance swimmer who has done a few pretty incredible feats, despite being 64 years old. Great pick.

Edward Snowden – The famed whistle-blower at the NSA, and here also to remind us that this list is not just a tabloid.

Do you like some of these choices? Hate them? Share what you think below!

Photo: ABC

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