‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 9: ‘My Blue Heaven’ delayed due to football; when will it air?

The latest -Stop us when this one sounds familiar: The new episode of “The Mentalist” airing on CBS Sunday night has once again been delayed, but how big is the delay that we’re talking about here? Well, let’s just say that it is so late that a good percentage of you are going to have to go to sleep before the end of “My Blue Heaven” airs, at least if you are on the east coast.

It was confirmed at the beginning of the NFL game this afternoon between the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos that the game was going to start a full 50 minutes behind when the show was originally supposed to air. Just in case you were ever wondering why in the world the ratings for the show are down these days, this is why. Not everyone out there among the casual viewer community cares enough to set their DVRs or keep up with new episodes online. This show just has the unfortunate honor of airing later in primetime on average than any other network show this year.

This news of course means that the rest of the CBS Sunday-night lineup, which includes new episodes of “The Good Wife” and “The Amazing Race,” are also delayed a full 50 minutes. This is pretty confusing news for anyone hoping to balance these shows out with those from other networks, and the sad part is that there is still more of the NFL season to go … even if we are starting to hit the home stretch.

Tonight’s episode of “The Mentalist” is still a must-watch, mostly because the show will be launching a brand-new chapter for the Patrick Jane character after the Red John case’s conclusion.

If you want to read some more news related to “The Mentalist,” just be sure to click here. We’ll have a full review of the show following it airing, so check back soon for that!

Photo: CBS

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