‘Masters of Sex’ episode 10 preview: A major problem in the study

Masters of Sex -On Sunday night’s “Masters of Sex” episode, we are going to see a situation arise that many of you may have been speculating about for some time: What in the world is going to happen if someone who takes part in the study becomes pregnant as a result?

Well, this is going to be a subject that is debated extensively on Sunday night’s new episode, when Masters and Johnson find out this surprising news. From the perspective of the doctor, his obligation is protecting the rights and privileges of the people who took part in the study, even if that means leaving a child without knowing who his father is. Every person who takes part signs a binding waiver, which cannot be shaken off under any circumstance at all.

Meanwhile, Johnson argues that in this particular case, the woman has a right to know the name of the man she conceived the child with, since this is an extenuating circumstance that goes far beyond the research that they are doing. This is going to be a conflict that likely lasts for the entire episode, as the two struggle to try and figure out what is the right thing to do in this circumstance.

Given that there are only three episodes left this season, there are many different loose ends that need to be tied up. Masters and Johnson will need to better define their relationship, just as the doctor needs to also figure out how to handle things with his wife back at home after clearly (and cruelly) shutting her out of most of his life. There is also the status of Ethan’s personal life and the Provost that must be dealt with. Given that Beau Bridges has another job now on “The Millers,” how possible is it that he could play a large role on the series moving forward?

If you want to take another look at Sunday’s “Masters of Sex” episode, click here. We’ll have a full review up a few hours after it airs tonight.

Photo: Showtime

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