‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Questions about Demi Lovato, Adam Lambert thanks to new titles

The band -As you’re starting to get readjusted to normal life after spending some quality time this weekend with friends and family, are you ready for some more “Glee” scoop? There are two episodes that will be airing shortly after the show’s return in February, and they each suggest some pretty interesting developments for the band known as Pamela Lansbury.

You may have heard already that the ninth episode of the season is entitled “Frenemies,” and the easy idea to link this to is the relationship between Starchild (Adam Lambert) and also Kurt (Chris Colfer). The word “nemesis” has been tossed around at times with good reason, and you also have to remember that they have clashed before, and this could also be a reference to some sort of character clash over at McKinley High. This show really likes to draw parallels, and we at least really like that the title feels like something that could have come from one of the show’s earlier seasons.

Then, you turn to the episode with the super-scary name of “Trio.” You usually think of this only from the standpoint of a musical trio, and that makes you wonder whether or not the band eventually loses two of its members. Given that Demi Lovato was booked originally for six episodes, and has only done three so far, you would think that this is not the end of her and possibly Adam’s story on the show; but, then again, something could have always changed in production.

Personally, we’d love to see Adam and Demi’s characters start up some rival band and be a good foil for the original New York crew. It’d give some good drama to the proceedings, and also hopefully allow the two recurring guest stars to do something more on the show. Demi for some reason has been mostly relegated to sitting around as of late, and there was not even an explanation for her blue hair in “Puppet Master.” (Also, there was no puppet of her. Sad.)

We’ll have so much more on this “Glee” episode as soon as we hear it, but for now, we suggest you click here to see some more news and discussion all about the “Previously Unaired Christmas” episode airing on Thursday night.

Photo: Fox

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