NBC’s ‘The Voice’ top 6 rankings: Cole Vosubry leaps to #1; Jacquie Lee, Matthew Schuler in play

Cole Vosbury -What a fun, crazy season of “The Voice” this has been. Every person in the final six deserves to be there, and we genuinely don’t feel like any of them are going to come out and disappoint on Monday night. The only disappointment here is that there can only be one winner in the end, and it could come down to very small things like picking a song that people on iTunes want to buy.

These sales, as always, are the principal thing we go by in power-ranking the contestants.  We do also consider performance quality and also perceived fanbase size, but those are at the end of the day a little bit harder to predict.

6. Tessanne Chin (last week: 7) – It still makes no sense at all to put Tessanne this low on the list, but who should she go above? All of the other performers have had better outings on iTunes, and she’s still for whatever reason struggling to make that connection with America. That’s a somewhat depressing thought in ways given just how brilliant a singer that she is, but without a breakout number soon, she’s in trouble.

5. James Wolpert (5) – This is how quickly things can change. With the right performance Monday, James could easily find himself higher on the rankings. We do still feel like he’s got a good shot of making the final four. But right now he doesn’t have the momentum; plus, we get the sense that he is more polarizing than any of the other artists still left in the competition.

4. Will Champlin (8) – This is what a breakout performance a la “At Last” can do for you. It’s funny that Adam Levine has the entire bottom half of this list, but we really don’t see this being a situation where this group runs the table. Will probably has the best momentum and performance catalog of the three right now, but he still needs to do more to get some of those votes to stick around.

3. Matthew Schuler (1) – For the first time in a while, Matthew is lower on the charts than the top spot, and it’s all thanks to one thing: “It’s Time.” This performance wasn’t necessarily a disaster, but it was bizarrely-arranged and America didn’t connect to it. This shows that unless he picks the right song and explodes on iTunes, he’s a little more vulnerable perhaps than the other two singers on this list.

2. Jacquie Lee (4) – A good contrast here is that last week, Jacquie was coming off her worst outing of the entire season, but she still found a way to avoid the bottom two. This is proof that she’s got fans out there, and if Tessanne in particular leaves, she becomes the only contestant with that sort of capacity to hit almost every note imaginable.

1. Cole Vosbury (1) – We really have to give Cole a ton of credit here in that going into the live shows, we maybe just had him making it as far as the top six. He was a personal favorite, but we didn’t think that America would really embrace him on the level that they have. Now, he’s emerged as the most consistent performer of the season, and a guy with Blake Shelton as his mentor. Being the only person on Team Blake is going to help him tremendously, especially when it comes to making it to the finals. Barring some shocker, he’s more of a lock to get there than anyone else on this list.

Now, we come to the part where you share your thoughts! We’ve got a poll below to check out, and we’ll have our full take on all of these performances come Monday night.

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