‘The Originals’ episode 9 preview: Watch Joseph Morgan’s Klaus talk compelling (video)

Meet the cast -On Tuesday night, “The Originals” will cap off the first half of its season with “Reigning Pain in New Orleans,” an episode that should give us a little bit of more information as to how the start of Klaus’ “reign” as the supernatural king of New Orleans is going. The thrill of this is that for him, it is basically a hollow title. No one is particularly interested in supporting him, and that goes doubly true for the man in Marcel who was forced to give up some of his power in order to ensure that some of his former followers would survive.

But what the preview below for this episode really reminds us of is that for a time, Joseph Morgan’s character was also taking it upon himself to play matchmaker, or to at least place Marcel and Cami in a situation where they were forced to spend time together. He exposes compelling her to his one-time “friend,” who also tells Marcel that she gets the opportunity to remember that Klaus is a vampire every time that she helps him out, but then is compelled to forget it the moment that he is done with her for the day.

This is hopefully going to be a fun (but also violent) hour of TV, mostly because there is so much craziness that the show will need to take on. They have to figure out not only whether or not Klaus is going to be able to capably rule the supernatural community for now, but also the role of the witches moving forward, and if Hayley is going to be able to really seek out some of her long-lost relatives now that she and her unborn child are being held captive. That’s quite a bit to get through.

But, for now, do you find yourself enjoying the Klaus / Cami scenes more than you thought you would going into this season? Share some of your thoughts on the matter below, and click here if you want to read a larger tease of what is coming up on “The Originals” the rest of the way.

Photo: The CW

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