‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7, episode 10 video: Does Leonard ruin Sheldon’s achievement?

The latest -If there is one thing that Dr. Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory” seemingly loves, it’s attention. However, we’ve learned at the same time that there is a limit to that. There is only so much love and respect that this one man can take before it starts to impact him (and drive him up the wall).

During the new episode of the show set to air on Thursday night, we are going to start to see at least how overwhelming this entire experience has been for the guy. He doesn’t like doing the radio shows and the interviews, and his level of fame even makes Penny jealous. In the end, we imagine him more as the sort of guy who wants to leave a legacy in science books, but doesn’t really want to feel it so much while he is alive … especially for something that he discovered on accident.

Well, is there some good news in here for him? It depends on how you define the term. In the promo, Leonard reveals to him that he has disproven the element that Sheldon supposedly discovered, rendering everything that has transpired with him completely obsolete. You would think that this in turn would make Sheldon extremely thrilled to no longer have this weight on him; but, it doesn’t. Instead, he is simply angry at Leonard for taking away from him something that was his “greatest achievement.” We would go at Sheldon for being a hypocrite here, but to be honest, didn’t we all really see this coming from him? This is not exactly a guy who is the model of doing things the right way and acting like a normal human being. We’re just happy in the end that the show is back after its Thanksgiving hiatus sooner rather then later.

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Photo: CBS

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