ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: What we know (for now) about Emily – Daniel wedding

Wedding -Sad news for “Revenge” fans: Your hiatus is not going to be ending anytime in the immediate future. Sunday night will not bring a new episode, and you’ll be waiting until December 8 to see what is going to be the beginning of the epic wedding between Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson. This story will play out to the following week, which is when you will have that infamous fall finale where gunshots are fired.

But what do we really know about the ceremony itself and the chaos that follows? To serve as a nice little companion piece while you sit around and wait, we’ve got these teasers:

1. The wedding is clearly involving the wedding between Emily and Daniel, as the photo (first posted by TV Guide) shows.

2. While these two have not always had a very traditional engagement, this looks to be a pretty traditional outdoor wedding. Judging from the time of day (as in the sunlight hitting them near the top of their heads), we’d wager that this is around early to mid-afternoon when this ceremony took place. This gives it at least several hours between this and the shooting, which happens at night.

3. By the time Emily is shot, the wedding and the reception are over, and the honeymoon period is supposedly going to be starting.

4. Conrad is the Best Man, and Charlotte is the Maid of Honor. That’s a lot of Grayson at the wedding, no?

5. At least some of Emily’s new in-laws are aboard the boat, which makes sense, given that whoever shot her was almost surely on board.

6. Given that her final words before the bullets were fired were a heartbroken “I’m sorry,” doesn’t this further rule out Victoria Grayson or one of her other rivals? This is more likely to be a full-on betrayal by someone that she trusts dearly.

Just in case you want to go back and look at the infamous shooting scene, we’ve enclosed it in the video at the bottom of this article. Also, click here if you want to read more news about the remainder of “Revenge” season 3.

Photo: ABC

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