‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: When are Jane and Lisbon working together again?

Green Thumb -Are you looking forward to the big reunion-of-sorts on “The Mentalist” season 6? Well, we can at least tell you now when you will see Jane and Lisbon working together again: The new episode airing a week from Sunday. While it could be during Sunday’s “My Blue Heaven” that they start to spend some time together, they will be back together during the December 8 episode, which has a different sort of color-oriented title in “Green Thumb.”

First of all, we do at least appreciate that the show is trying to do something to show that shows some time has passed. For example, Patrick looks more like a guy who has spent the past year or so on the beach than he ever did while trying to find Red John. He also looks far less comfortable in a suit. The interesting part of this story is going to come from seeing just what his relationship with Lisbon is like now. The last time he communicated with her, it was with a voice message that he left, in which he proclaimed that Red John was dead.

Also, we wonder just what Lisbon has been up to in the last little while, given that whenever she was around Jane over the years, she was basically throwing herself into all sorts of situations involving trouble. There really was not any escape at all from the madness. So what is she going to do now? While there has been plenty of speculation that Jane could be dating the new character of Kim Fischer (Emily Swallow), what may be just as interesting a question now is whether or not she is still on the market. Two years is a pretty long time, and quite a bit can happen in between then and the present.

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Photo: CBS

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