‘The Blacklist’ video: Take another look at ‘Anslo Garrick’ before episode 10

The latest -Monday night marks a key episode of “The Blacklist“: The fall finale. This is the episode where we will learn just what is really going on when it comes to our new villain Anslo Garrick, and also whether or not Raymond Reddington can not only get out of this situation alive, but also with a relationship still with Elizabeth Keen and also the FBI.

But, before we come to the second part of this spectacular, let’s at least spend another minute or two trying to break down what transpired in the first part. In the latest edition of “Beyond the Blacklist” below, star Megan Boone (Elizabeth Keen) and the writers and producers sit down to discuss how they really wanted to create this sort of “siege” episode that tested all of the characters, and helped to show a more human side of everyone … even Red. He is aware that Anslo is the sort of villain that has a very different sort of connection to him than all of the others. This is a guy who he helped to bring into this world of crime, and therefore there is a sense of responsibility.

There are also a few teasers for the next several episodes thrown in here, as well. While it is said that the midseason finale will pick up immediately after what we saw last week, stories moving forward are going to touch on that memory that Lix has of the fire, and those first four years of her life. The obvious conclusion to draw now is that Reddington is her dad, but this just seems at this point to be much too easy. There may be another explanation buried somewhere in here, but it could take a little bit of time before we make it there. Remember, this is a show with a 22-episode season!

You can watch another preview of Monday’s “The Blacklist” here, where you can get a better sense of just how much danger Red is going to be in.

Photo: NBC

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