‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: Expect danger; plus, who is the most likely to die?

The Walking Dead -Are you ready for the arrival of “The Walking Dead’s” season 4 finale? This installment airs on Sunday night, and if there is one thing that you should take from some early implications about it, it is that we’re getting close to staring in the face of the most dramatic, possibly-deadly episode of the show yet. When you consider that almost every fall and season finale so far has either featured a stunning arrival or a departure, there is really no reason here to think that we are about to see things change now.

Speaking about this big episode in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, showrunner Scott Gimple explains that when you have the potential for there to be something like Rick vs. The Governor 2.0, the gloves are off and really anything can happen.

“We’ve seen The Governor kill people to ensure the safety of his new family and we see him determined. We see Rick is very much back as someone with a gun on his hip, ready to participate in the brutality of the world to keep his people safe. It’s a very explosive situation and it’s entirely possible that everybody doesn’t make it back. That sort of thing would be something that would affect these characters even more deeply.”

But who are the most-likely characters to breathe their last breath in the finale? At the moment, there are only a tiny handful of characters who we would consider to be locks for survival for the time being: Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and Michonne. All of these people still have some major stories to tell. On the flip side, it wouldn’t shock us to see someone like Hershel, Beth, or even The Governor go during the hour. The best deaths for the show change the fabric enough to keep things excited, but also give you a feeling that there was a purpose behind the passing. We wouldn’t want to see someone go who we felt was the major driving force of a plot.

Some other things to consider here are that Carol will still have a role to play here at some point, and you can also expect to see the arrival of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) at some point soon. If it’s not Sunday night, it will be early in the new season.

Photo: AMC

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