‘Glee’ season 5, episode 7 review: Darren Criss, Adam Lambert’s return, and Jacob Artist ‘news’

The band -“Puppet Master” was an episode of “Glee” that had quite a bit going for it just on Thursday night, at least in that Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato were back, there were puppets galore, and there was not really any pressure at all to tell a story that would impact the long-term storyline. Producers clearly knew that this would air on Thanksgiving, and that opened the door to try out a few different things rather than just delivering an episode that all of the standard things that you would expect.

But in the end here, what we had was an episode that was hit-or-miss. Were there great moments? We think so. The puppet scenes were inspired for the most part, and we actually appreciated that Sue Sylvester had an interesting story for the first time in a while that explained why she wears the tracksuit, and also what some of her insecurities are.

But then, there were the problems. For one, this show is really under-utilizing Demi to the point of it being annoying. Dani just randomly has blue hair now without much of an explanation, and there is absolutely nothing new with her character. The biggest story that she had was in her first episode, and that was not much. We could use more Adam, but even he at least had a couple more lines and was present for the performance of “The Fox” at the end of the episode (which was, by the way, completely random).

Also, the insistence on making us care about Jake and Marley is at this point frustrating, given that we know that graduation is near and there is not that big of a reason to think that these people are really going to be that integral to the story from here on out. The only reason that we could see some of these people beyond just the midway point of this season is if “Glee” does a time jump that moves another batch of seniors away from the school. We like Jacob Artist and Melissa Benoist as actors, but they’re just given the same thing to do time and time again.

“Puppet Master” wasn’t the worst episode of the show at all; Blaine is a mostly entertaining character, and we always enjoy Sue Sylvester. It just wasn’t one of the best, and we’ll have forgotten it entirely by the time February rolls around. Grade: C.

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