‘Sleepy Hollow’ spoilers: Analyzing the odds of an Abbie / Ichabod hookup

The latest -Is there a chance that Abbie and Ichabod Crane could really get together on “Sleepy Hollow” sometime in the future? We would say that there is definitely a chance, mostly because there are very few examples of characters with this sort of heavy chemistry who do not get together when some of the dust settles.

But, saying all of this in no way guarantees that such a hookup would actually happen. There are so many other hurdles to look at here in almost every direction, whether you are talking about Ichabod being hung up on Katrina, or the sole fact that they are currently busy fending off all sorts of horrible things. Executive producer Alex Kurtzman echoes what we’re saying about their long-term odds as a couple in a new interview with TV Guide, but at the same time he also exercises caution:

“It’s always possible, given the intensity of the circumstances that they are the only ones understanding what each other is going through. There may be a tendency toward more, but that would have to evolve as organically as their friendship has evolved, so time will tell.”

In some ways, the speed in which these two eventually get together could depend heavily on how well the show is doing in the ratings, and how long the audience seems to be willing to actually accept these two in the friend zone. If there is suddenly pressure to speed things up a little bit, we wouldn’t be remotely surprised at all to see the masterminds behind the show jump on board. Given that we already know that there is a season 2 of 13 episodes airing next fall, we definitely know that there is no reason to hurry on a relationship at this time. That’s better off to let develop for now, that way there can be a bigger payoff later that makes more sense with the characters.

What do you think: Should these two characters get together, and when? Share your thoughts below, and click here if you want to read more “Sleepy Hollow” news.

Photo: Fox

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