‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Show boss explains Regina’s motive in ‘Save Henry’

The latest -Why in the world did a woman like the Evil Queen Regina ever consider adoption in the first place? It’s a worthy question, and one that we know many fans of “Once Upon a Time” have been asking for a little while now. Well, this is one story thread that will be getting resolved pretty quickly during “Save Henry,” the all-new episode of the show airing on Sunday night.

Let’s start here by taking on what is probably the first burning question when you are talking about this story: When was it, that Lana Parrilla’s character started to realize that there could be a desire within her to take care of a child? Speaking to TVLine, show boss Adam Horowitz traces it back to an episode from last season, where we saw her care for a young boy and almost desperately try to convince him to stay in the town:

“This [storyline] started last year in ‘Welcome to Storybrooke,’ when Regina met Owen … We realized that when she cast the curse [that transported the Enchanted Forest’s denizens to Maine], it created a hole in her heart. The curse was not fulfilling for her. She needed something more, something real.”

Now, we come to the second major question: Why touch on this story now? In some ways, it’s a little bit of a strange time when you consider that Henry is in some sort of state of near-death, and it’s been hanging in the minds of fans of the show for over a year. Fellow Executive Producer, Edward Kitsis, says that it is here to show off the personal growth that Regina has made the past few years, and how she is not the same woman that she was even at the start of the series. Not having Henry in some ways has made her a better person than when he was first in her clutches:

“One of the reasons we’re showing [this flashback] right now, in our 52nd episode or whatever, is to see in Neverland how far this woman has come. You see what she was like as a vengeful Evil Queen, and you see her now in present day as Henry’s mom.”

You can check out one sneak peek from “Save Henry” here, and it least gives you more of an impression that one character saw Regina’s plight with Henry coming from a mile away.

Photo: ABC

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