‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Series boss on uncertainty for Jane’s former team members

Van Pelt -At the end of the Red John saga on “The Mentalist” season 6, the good news was that some members of Patrick Jane’s team could start to breathe a sigh of relief. This mission that was long haunted the CBI was finally set to get at least a little bit of closure.

However, this does not mean in any shape or form that these characters are going to be completely well-adjusted when the series picks up for / airs its reboot episode on Sunday night. As series boss Bruno Heller notes to E! News, the likes of Van Pelt (pictured), Rigsby, Lisbon, and Cho may still be in the difficult process of trying to find themselves, however difficult that may be:

“I think for the other characters it’s a little like they’re children of divorce, you know, what’s next? They’ve been enthralled in someone else’s mission and now that mission is gone. They were in a world they didn’t choose and now they’re in a world that’s changing around them, again not of their own volition. What this is going to be for these characters is a process of growing up.” 

Eventually, we know that this process is going to end up with Van Pelt and likely Rigsby both leaving the show, and they are going to be replaced in some form by the new series regulars Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar) and Kim Fischer (Emily Swallow). We’ve already met one of them, and the other will focus Sunday as a woman who plays a substantial role in what Patrick Jane is doing when the new season picks up.

As for most of the established crew, they are starting off the episode located in various parts of the country. Lisbon is in San Francisco, Cho is in Austin, and Van Pelt is somewhere in Northern California, where she and her husband have set up a new business for themselves.

Want to see some more scoop on “The Mentalist’s” new chapter? We’ve got the first promo for Sunday’s episode here, and we will be back over the next few days with a sneak peek. Think of it as a nice little way to help digest your turkey dinner.

Photo: CBS

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