‘Glee’ season 5, episode 7 preview: Adam Lambert, Darren Criss, and more introduce puppets

Puppets -In case you were not excited about this upcoming Thanksgiving night episode of “Glee,” maybe this will give you a chance to be: A pretty charming new video that gives you a look at what some of the characters will look and sound like in puppet form. We know it sounds silly to say “sound” given that it’s the same person, but we imagine that when you are a puppet, there’s a certain temptation to try to give your felt other half a different sort of personality than the one that you actually have.

The video starts off pretty funny, where Chris Colfer accuses the writers of being drunk when they came up with the idea for this. Then, he, Darren Criss, and Adam Lambert all introduce us to their other halves. The Blaine puppet is pretty laid-back seemingly, while the Kurt one accuses Chris of being a total diva and an alcoholic who spends most of his time in his trailer. Meanwhile, the Elliot one questions why he is green, and then tries to upstage Adam just when it comes to vocal range.

Just thanks to this one video, we’re not much more interested in Thursday’s episode than we have otherwise been. As for the reasoning behind that, it really just comes down to the fact that Thanksgiving episodes never have much in the way of story progression. At least this one has Adam and Demi Lovato, and the official debut of their band Pamela Lansbury via some sort of performance that initially isn’t supported by many people. Whatever happens here is probably going to carry more over into the winter / spring half of the season than the following week, given that we are bordering on that bizarre “Christmas special” that really makes less sense than an entire episode about puppets.

So enjoy and embrace the video below, and we’ll of course have some more “Glee” news to share prior to the “Puppet Master” episode airing. Also, feel free to share any of your thoughts with a comment below.

Photo: Fox

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