NBC’s ‘Parenthood’ season 5: John Corbett joins Jason Ritter as returning guest star

The latest -What is it about “Parenthood” staging its own sort of family reunion this season? While it is certainly rather surprising, we know far better to complain about it. Any chance to see former guest stars or even major players back on the show is reason to celebrate in our books.

Recently, we shared the news that Jason Ritter was going to turn up for at least one season 5 episode of the NBC show, and we now come bearing another gift: You are going to be seeing more of John Corbett, as well. TV Guide Magazine reports that you will see at least one episode more of the former “Sex and the City” star in the second half of the season.

Want specifics? Well, here is what we can tell you for the time being. Sarah will stop by his restaurant of employ later this season, and he may be able to help out (or at least be referee) for a dispute that ends up happening between Corbett’s character and another diner. This is probably not the sort of thing any one of the characters wants to see, but as a viewer we are pretty sure to love it.

But what’s with all of these former men in Sarah’s life popping back up? Maybe the best way to look at it is that this is giving her more of an opportunity to show just where she has been, and can then move forward from there into new and exciting territory. Or, maybe she and Ritter’s character can at least start to be involved in one another’s lives on a regular basis (but that is more of a fan’s dream than any sort of reality).

“Parenthood” needs all of the help that it can get right now, as its ratings are lower than ever. But at the same time, it is hard to really blame the show when you remember that it’s being forced to air after a dismally-rated lineup on NBC Thursday that is in need of a vast overhaul. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise us if all of those comedies are canceled before the fall.

Photo: NBC

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