‘Supernatural’ season 9, episode 8 review: Did Dean tell Sam the truth about Ezekiel?

What's coming up? -When “Supernatural” tends to think outside of the box as much as it does, the results can sometimes be mixed. You have episodes that are home runs, and then, you occasionally have episodes that start strong and then waver towards the end with “Rock and a Hard Place.” While the first half-hour of it was extremely entertaining, the second half of it sagged for a good twenty or so minutes until we got to the tail end.

Let’s face it: The moment that you saw the brothers Winchester arrive at the South Dakota chastity church, the feeling was that the evil-doer was the one who convinced them to sign the purity pledge in the first place.

But at this point, the spark in “Rock in a Hard Place” started to ignite. Just when it looked like Sam was about to die courtesy of a stake in his heart, it was revealed that he could not be killed. The expression “dead inside” really stuck with him … but he at least has not figured out that Ezekiel is keeping him alive just yet. Dean was about to tell him, but then Ezekiel came in and put the kibosh on it. But, at least we know now that the healing process is almost complete, but Sam is clearly not going to react well to finding out eventually.

There were funny moments this week, with Dean realizing that he was about to make a certain fantasy of his come true with a “counselor” being at the top of the list. But we still cannot shake that this episode was really more of a prelude of greater things to come with the return of Castiel next week, and the first episode where you could really end up seeing the angel story taken to the next level. Al least it looks like Sheriff Mills is going to be pulling through in the end. Grade: B-.

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Photo: The CW

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