ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: More on 3XK rumors, Stana Katic’s Beckett

The answer -Now that the fall half of “Castle” season 6 is finally complete, this feels like the proper time to really dive into some important themes and conversation topics that came out of the pat few episodes … including that big mystery that was born out of the episode entitled “Disciple.” While the possible return of 3XK was not teased at during “The Good, the Bad, and the Baby” at all, the assumption is that this is still something that will be resolved in time. After all, we were not treated to the tune of “We’ll Meet Again” for no reason as Castle and Beckett failed to capture Dr. Kelly Nieman, the protegee of sorts to his teaching.

While the jury’s still out on whether or not Jerry Tyson is actually still alive, executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe was keen to discuss one interesting part of that mystery to TVLine that seemed to impact Stana Katic’s character in a big way: The song. Was there a certain significance to it beyond just the lyrics? He suggests that it is certainly possible:

“It could be that Beckett is just reacting to the disturbing and terrifying possibility that Tyson or Niemann will be back to toy with her and the people she loves. Or maybe, just maybe, Beckett has a personal history with that particular song that makes her think that it was more than just a general threat. That maybe someone out there knows more about her past than she realizes.”

If this is the case, then Tyson clearly knows more about Beckett’s past then even we realize, given that this is not something that we can really read much significant at all into, based on what we know about her character thus far.

While there is no confirmation that Tyson will return in the near future, we know that James Brolin will be back as Rick’s dad soon enough. Not only that, but the preview here for the January 6 episode teases that there is going to be another interesting part of Castle’s relationship that needs investigation, and that is whether or not Beckett is going to be able to handle the sort of fame that comes with being engaged to a prolific author.

Photo: ABC

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