‘Family Guy’ spoilers: Will Brian come back to life?

Brian Griffin -Over the past 24 hours, the internet has understandably exploded following the shocking news that “Family Guy’s” beloved dog Brian has passed away. But is he really going to be gone forever? There have been a number of interesting theories out there surrounding what could be happening in regards to the dog’s death; some believe that Seth MacFarlane wanted more time to do other things, while others simply think that the show producers have lost their minds and feel like new addition Vinny is somehow going to be better in the long run.

But let’s instead talk about the possibility that the character is actually going to be coming back in the near future. Wikipedia claims on their site that Brian will be back at some point later this season … but that’s Wikipedia. We do believe that the site can be trusted with some information, but not when there’s a breaking news story like this.

There is a new website out there teasing that there is a special announcement coming up from Brian in ten days, but here is the bad news in regards to that: It’s a hoax, at least according to what a rep for 20th Century Fox said recently to TVLine. It’s a well-made hoax, but it cannot be taken seriously.

It is true that Vinny is going to be around for at least a few more episodes, as the actor has been booked for more work. But perhaps it has been wrong for some to assume that maybe his presence meant that Brian would forever be omitted. Who’s to say that the Griffin family could not have a pair of pets rather than just one? There’s not anything wrong with this idea at all.

The episode to really watch out for is the one airing on December 15, given that early reports are that Stewie will be embarking on some sort of mission to make his Christmas wish come true. This would be a time to revive the character and make everything right in the world again … maybe.

For now, just click here if you want to read the latest petition regarding Brian’s death, where fans make it very clear that they are not cool with the idea of losing the fan favorite.

Photo: Fox

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