‘Hart of Dixie’ season 3, episode 8 review: Did Zoe and Wade steal stage from Danielle Bradbery?

Danielle Bradbery -Going into tonight’s “Hart of Dixie” season 3 episode, the majority of the hype out there was all about the performance of Danielle Bradbery. The champion from “The Voice” came out and performed her hit “The Heart of Dixie,” which we argue still was one of the best instances of song integration ever. However, she really wasn’t that important to the story at all, and was really there to just give the show some country flavor and to promote her self-titled album.

The actual story this week was more about a BlueBell Hanukkah celebration, which we actually found to be pretty endearing. This is one of the last things you would ever expect to see in a small down like this, but it totally worked. It brought out a familial side of Zoe and Joel, and we also had an opportunity to see Zoe finally get closer to the rest of the Wilkes family after feeling initially shunned earlier this season.

But in the relationship department, we really cannot dispute the importance of Zoe and Wade kissing … which is all we¬†technically¬†saw them doing. But just to make their whole “it meant nothing” exclamation all the more awkward, Wade is proving it by trying to date Zoe’s cousin Vivian. What’s with all the cousin dating on this show? You have George and Lynly, and now this.

The entire episode was entitled “Miracles,” and maybe that is just a reference to the fact that it’s a miracle that Zoe and Wade did anything at all. But going into the spring season, things could not be any messier. Not only is there everything mentioned above, but Tansy is back and working at the Rammer Jammer. The only story that was somewhat resolved here was that Shelby is not having Brick’s baby. This instead happened via artificial insemination.

So overall, this was a very good episode. We had movement forward when it comes to all the major stories, and perhaps most important, everything is set up perfectly for the second half of this season. Grade: B+.

What did you think about tonight’s “Hart of Dixie” episode, and what do you think the moment between Zoe and Wade means for the future of the show? Share below, and click here for some more scoop related to the show including a preview for the next new episode.

Photo: The CW

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