‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: How gratuitous is the latest Juan Pablo Galavis promo?

Juan Pablo -The Bachelor” has over the years managed to show that it has no problem going completely and totally over the top when it comes to some of their promotional material. They seem to have some sort of understanding that their show can at times be incredibly silly, and they therefore have no problem showing that off in some of their promotional material.

Take, for a prime example, the latest promo video from the new season. In it, you can see Juan Pablo Galavis featured front and center in various states of undress. There’s him shirtless running on the beach, him in the shower (really?), and also him shirtless with a rose. Who is shirtless with a rose? Those things have thorns! This also seems like something from a really cheesy romance novel vs. something than can happen in real life. We could go on and on about how “The Bachelor” occasionally promotes the objectification of men, but since we’ve seen this in about a thousand other forms with women over the years, it’s hardly surprising.

To us, the real disappointment about this promo is that it does almost absolutely nothing to actually set up what some of the drama for Juan Pablo is going to be. Save for the “pregnant” woman who comes out of the limo (as featured in the first promo), ABC is keeping the drama under wraps. Maybe there are no major fights, and most of the season is based more on just silly moments and romance. But, we doubt that. The real likely situation here is that the network doesn’t want to give anything away yet, since that gives plenty of time for the spoiler community to latch onto it and try to ruin everything.

The new season premieres on Monday, January 6, but just in case you didn’t hear, there are going to be a number of different “Bachelor”-related specials that will air throughout the month. It’s a total ratings grab from ABC, but one that could end up working.

Photo: ABC

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