‘Family Guy’ fans create petition to bring Brian Griffin back following sudden death

Brian Griffin -After what happened on “Family Guy” earlier this season, you likely assumed that this was coming: Some fans have already made it clear that they are more than a little bit unhappy with the decision made by show producers to kill off family dog Brian Griffin after being a part of the show since the very beginning. Brian and Stewie were one of the show’s best comedy duos, and the new addition to the Griffin family has not really had the same sort of support from most viewers already.

Just to make it even clearer that fans are unhappy, they have even decided to as far as to create a petition protesting the death. Over 2,200 people have already signed the Change.org petition to bring Brian back to the show, and it is building more and more with each passing minute thanks to it being spread around the internet. While some animated comedies like “The Simpsons” have killed of characters before, and “South Park” kills off Kenny every week, typically the folks that you see one episode are almost always around for the next. If a voice actor leaves, you often just find someone to replace them with a few important examples (like Edna on “The Simpsons” this year).

The move to kill Brian obviously wasn’t taken lightly, and producers thought that it could shake up the show and get people talking. That has indeed worked, and there may even be a larger audience for the show on Sunday given that this episode was up against the American Music Awards, NFL football, and a billion other things. Personally, we think that it’s a bad move given how much viewers tend to latch onto nostalgia on their animated series, and they want to have a source of reliability where they can go back to every week. It’d be like “Garfield” killing Odie, or “South Park” killing Kenny and actually not reviving him.

We still hold out that this is all some sort of stunt, and Brian will return later this season. You can for now at least see the “memorial” video that Fox put together here, and we’ll have more news as it happens.

Photo: Fox

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