‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 8 review: Who is Red John (for real), and is he dead?

Red John -After six seasons, the wait on “The Mentalist” was finally over: We now know the identity of Red John. While it seemed going into this that Gale Bertram was the man responsible for killing Patrick Jane’s wife and family, you knew that there was going to be some sort of twist that took it a step further.

But those of you who felt that Brett Partridge was really alive and that he was Red John were wrong; instead, it was none other than Sheriff Thomas McAllister … if that is really his name. This man seemed like the least likely suspect of the final seven candidates, but sometimes, the least expected candidate is the one that really ends up being the guilty party.

But it was really after this reveal that the action in this episode started to really become interesting, starting with the fact that Patrick Jane really did not want to know why this all happened. This is something that we’re sure many would be curious about, but he realized that there were many more pressing matters to deal with. Not knowing the answer was irrelevant, since it was not going to bring back the lives that Patrick lost.

With Red John being human, there is almost a chunk of the mythos that was gone. Seeing McAllister run around as Jane chased him through a cemetery felt shockingly human and strange. It was an exciting chase in that you could feel the desperation; Jane suddenly felt as though he had nothing to lose.

To us, the biggest surprise here was that Jane actually did kill Red John, and did not turn him over to the police or have some sort of change of heart. You can argue over whether or not this is the right thing for a CBI agent to do, but for Patrick Jane, this is the only thing that made sense.

But then, just when you think that he was going to turn himself in, he doesn’t. He just leaves. The mystery at the end of this episode is just what happens next. Jane leaves Red John’s body, and then takes off to a destination unknown. There’s no real closure for anything, and his friends sacrificed their own careers for him. This makes Jane in some ways selfish, but we almost like that this was a flawed conclusion to a story that took a long time. We’re just ready and excited to see what this new, mysterious chapter of the story will bring. Grade: A.

What did you think: Did “The Mentalist” do the end of the Red John story justice, and are you excited to see where the show chooses to go from here on out? Share your thoughts with a comment below, and click here to read some more news related to the episode. We have a promo for “My Blue Heaven” (the next new episode) here.

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