‘Boardwalk Empire’ season 5: Should this be the end of Nucky Thompson’s journey?

Check it out -Whenever we see a show that is starting to get near the fifth or sixth season, the question that we always ask is the one that is in the title of this article. How much more of a story is there really left to tell with a given show?

When it comes to “Boardwalk Empire,” this is a show that we really feel may only have a couple more years of story left to tell, and there are a few reasons for that. For one, just look at the era. Prohibition and the time that followed were periods that evolved quickly, and this may not yield well for the sort of “business” that Nucky Thompson gets involved in on a regular basis. We don’t really want to see what happens to the world of the show during the Great Depression, and just having it end during the Roaring Twenties before things start to go really south for the country would be a dream.

Also, there is a dilemma here that is somewhat similar to what another five-season show in “Breaking Bad” had: How many years can you really have a show with an antihero at the lead? Sooner or later, Nucky continually escaping death and horrible people is going to start feeling unrealistic, especially when you consider everyone on show is associated in his world and those who have already died.

HBO has a dilemma coming up. This is a show that performs well, but it’s not their most-watched or best-reviewed show anymore. However, it is a show that is pretty expensive to make in between the cast, the costumes, and the sets. As great as “Boardwalk Empire” is, we are big believers in ending before you start to wear out your welcome. We’d be fine if next year is the last; or, if there are still some great stories left to tell with Nucky and company, why not end the show with season 6? Either would be acceptable.

What do you think: Should “Boardwalk Empire” end next season, or would you prefer it to have a couple more years? Share below, and we’ll have more news at this link soon.

Photo: HBO



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