‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, episode 7 review: The Governor’s back and he’s badder then ever

Walking DeadWe have been waiting all season on “The Walking Dead” for the return of The Governor and last week we finally caught up with him. Was he the same Governor that we loved to hate from season 3? Hardly. This Governor was broken, kind, generous and loving, definitely not the man we met before. While we understand that before he became the villain he was last season he was a father and a husband who loved and cared for his family, he hasn’t been that man in a long time, so it was a bit of a stretch to see him completely revert to that man with people who are virtual strangers. We know that his evil side is far from gone… so when will we see the Governor back to his old nasty self?

The Governor and his group have reunited with Martinez and his camp. Martinez brings them to his camp, but makes it clear that he’s in charge now. Let’s see how long that lasts for.

Governor the family man: He has quickly made himself the father figure for Megan, playing games with her, giving her love and inspiring hope. Having a family, and a woman he cares for in Lilly has given him something to live for… a strong motivation.

Governor the team player: Martinez tells him he wouldn’t have taken him into the camp if it wasn’t for Megan. He also tells him that he seems like a changed man and the Governor says he is. Martinez falls for it hook, line and sinker.

Governor the green “eye” monster: Lilly tells Martinez that being at the camp is the first time she’s felt safe since the walkers came to town, rubbing the Governor the wrong way. While playing golf with Martinez he clubs him and throws him in a zombie pit killing him. Lesson learned… don’t belittle the Governor in front of his makeshift family.

Governor the leader: Now that Martinez is dead the next in charge, Pete, is looking to the Governor for help. He decides instead that he’s packing up his family (along with Tara’s new girlfriend) and drives off to find a safer place to live, but when he realizes that there’s no where to go he heads back to camp and decides to help lead the group… after he kills the last of Martinez’s gang that is, except for one, a man he feels that could be his number two. The group quickly accepts him as the leader, but when he realizes that the camp isn’t very safe he makes a trip to the prison to see if it is a place he could try to commandeer… because that went so well for him the first time.

It was great to finally see the Governor back to his old self again, doing what it takes to survive. The whole Governor as a soft-hearted family man shtick just isn’t working, maybe because of the lack of chemistry he has with Maggie look-a-like Lilly. We understand he needs motivation, but his enjoyment of ultimate power is something that we already bought into last season, why change what already works? Grade: B –

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Photo: AMC

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