‘The Walking Dead’ season 4: Norman Reedus books himself ‘The View’ appearance

Norman Reedus -Are you looking to see some more from Norman Reedus away from “The Walking Dead“? Then you are going to have an opportunity to see the actor behind Daryl Dixon away from AMC this week.

A couple of days after tonight’s new episode (which may or may not actually feature Daryl at all, based on if this is an episode all about The Governor again) on November 26, Norman will be hitting “The View” in New York City to likely talk about the show and everything else going on in his life. This is just two days before Thanksgiving, and also less than a week before “The Walking Dead” airs its midseason finale. Thanks to that, you are probably going to see a vast majority of the show’s leading men and women pop up on some other shows, to help promote and see if they can come anywhere close to breaking some of those massive ratings records that they set for themselves a little earlier on this season.

In going back to “The Walking Dead” itself, there is one question that is still on everyone’s mind: How in the world is Daryl going to react to the news about Carol? Maybe this will be something that is handled offscreen, but we have yet to see it; given his longtime connection with Carol, which existed to the point that many were shipping the two of them, we can’t imagine that he will be altogether pleased with Rick’s decision.

After the December 1 episode that marks the end of season 3A, and the show will go on hiatus until February where it will once again try to shatter some more records. Let’s just hope that there are plenty more Norman interviews to check out along the way.

If you want to read some more news related to “The Walking Dead,” just be sure to click here. We’re going to have at that link soon a full review of tonight’s episode.

Photo: AMC

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