‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6, episode 12: Kurt Sutter talks FX delay, progress report

The latest -In case you have not heard the news yet, there is no new episode of “Sons of Anarchy” season 6 coming up on Tuesday night. As for the reason why it really just comes back to the simple fact that for whatever reason, FX decided to take Thanksgiving Week off for the show. While with some shows this is a common practice, Kurt Sutter explains in his latest “WTFSutter” video below that this is actually the first time that the network has opted to delay an episode for a week’s time.

Even Sutter himself does not have a specific explanation for the delay, save for maybe that it is an “experiment” on the network’s part. While it would be nice to watch “You Are My Sunshine” this week and try to move on from the chaos that was (spoiler alert!) Clay Morrow’s death, we actually feel somewhat like this is the right move.

While we don’t think Tuesday night shows tend to suffer an enormous ratings loss due to Thanksgiving in comparison to Wednesdays, they do tend to lose some potential viewers courtesy of some people traveling / shopping early. Why not give your network two opportunities for large ratings versus one that you automatically assume is going to have some struggles? Plus, this could help FX boost some of their December averages, and make it feel like the wait for their next great original program (in “Justified” on January 7) is not nearly as long.

In the end, Sutter also comments that he is grateful in some ways for the extra week now to finish work on the last two episodes, especially given that the mix for “You Are My Sunshine” was just completed. There are a number of loose ends to potentially tie up over the next two episodes, which include everything from Tara’s current situation to Patterson’s determination to take down SAMCRO to of course the direct aftermath to seeing an original cast member in Ron Perlman no longer on the show. We have an extra week to digest all of this, and then return for more insanity on December 3. There have been polarizing moments for sure, but we’re looking at what has overall been a stellar season.

If you missed it earlier this week, click here to catch the “You Are My Sunshine” promo. We’ll have some more scoop on the rest of the season soon.

Photo: FX

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