‘Homeland’ season 3 finale spoilers: The (mysterious) episode title is…

Take a look -While there may still be a number of episodes remaining until the “Homeland” season 3 finale airs, why not at least start to check out some of the news about it now?

Showtime confirmed this weekend that the title for the upcoming finale episode will be “The Star,” which is about as ambiguous as ambiguous can get. The only thing that can really be teased about it is that, like the rest of the season, Damian Lewis’ Nicholas Brody is going to be involved, and there will be quite a bit at stake. The show has to figure out whether or not Brody can ever be cleared of being the terrorist that he was long accused of being by the American public, and if everyone else responsible for the Langley bombing can be brought to justice. Also, there are the other story threads in Carrie’s pregnancy (which would need a six-month time jump to be resolved this season) and whether or not Saul can find a way to keep Senator Lockhart from taking over the CIA.

“Homeland” has hardly been a critical favorite this year in comparison to seasons past, with the primary reason for it being spending too much time to really get anywhere. Most of the storytelling has been dry and uneventful, with the biggest shock being a trick that the writers pulled on us that brings the integrity of the series itself into question. Carrie’s pregnancy has also been met with groans, and the Brody family has floated in and out like a ghost that chooses to haunt you, but only at night.

But, we would be remiss to say that this season was devoid of some other positives. Mandy Patankin and Rupert Friend have especially been fantastic here, and some episodes (“The Yoga Play” and “Tower of David”) were great examples of some of what this show does best. A great sign for “The Star” is that it is being written in part by Meredith Steihm, who was created some of the best episodes over the course of the series’ run.

If you want to take a step back and prepare for just tonight’s episode, just be sure to click here.

Photo: Showtime

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