‘Doctor Who’ season 8: What could be revealed during 50th Anniversary special?

The latest -Tomorrow (or today, depending on what part of the world you are in right now) marks the moment that you have probably been waiting for for quite a long time: The arrival of “The Day of the Doctor.” The “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary Special has the potential to be one of the biggest ratings smashes in the history of the BBC, and we are not just talking about in Great Britain; we are thinking worldwide. There has never been so much attention given to the character; even the Google Doodle this week featured all of the Doctors at one point. (Not bad for an American company.)

But what we want to spend this article asking is very simple: What sort of hints about the future of the series are going to be dropped during the special? Will we find more suggestions that a regeneration is coming, or hints that Clara could use a different sort of Doctor in the future? You have to wonder if, at the end of this special, #11 is starting to realize that his time is wearing then, since it will be in the Christmas special where the torch is passed to Peter Calapdi.

For those who are devoted spoiler-hunters, there is not going to be too much for one simple reason: There is no real evidence that Capaldi was even in the running to be the Doctor for usre when this was filmed earlier this year. While Steven Moffat had some sort of indication as of the path down the road, Matt Smith had not confirmed his exit; therefore, if there are hints, they will probably be minimal.

As for Clara, it’s hard to see anything surprising take place given that Jenna Coleman is not going anywhere in the near future. What we are a little more interested in seeing is if she is going to start being even more gung-ho than ever before. She will be the common link between #11 and #12, so she may be able to help with what could be that initial feeling of Doctor Awkwardness we see at times. Even if there are not hints to season 8 in here, it’s always nice to see just from the standpoint of character development.

The next 24 hours are going to be insane, so brace yourselves! Personally, we’re going to be more than ready for everything that transpires, so be sure to stay tuned. Also, click here if you want to laugh now courtesy of a new promo featuring David Tennant.

Photo: BBC One

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