MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 3, episode 17 preview: Will Jenna’s essay now destroy her?

The latest -This is the problem with having a complete meltdown and then a subsequent recovery: While you may be on the up-and-up, you still have to deal with a few remnants from your past. On Tuesday night’s “Awkward” season 3 episode, Jenna Hamilton is going to be forced into dealing with this in one of the worst ways possible.

Remember that essay that Evil Jenna decided to allow her writing teacher to publish, which was basically just an entire work dedicated to completely destroying Val? Well, that’s going to make it to print now, and the ramifications of that could be beyond ugly. She’s going to have to deal with the nastiness that comes with having her words out there for the entire public to see, especially a guidance counselor who considers them for some bizarre reason to be best friends forever. And while Val can be annoying and get involved in all of the high school drama (even when she has no reason to be at all), she means well. Plus, it’s great to have a friend who works on the staff.

While the promo below does keep the mystery about Val’s reaction a mystery (though you have to assume that she finds out about it), Sadie unsurprisingly believes that this is the greatest essay that has ever been composed on planet earth. Therefore, it’s probably horrible, and will probably lead to all sorts of waterworks. Therefore, we expect this episode to be built up of one part humor, one part emotion, and one part devastation, with the latter focusing mostly on Val. Jenna’s also going to be pressing Collin on whether or not he slept with Angelique, but we don’t really get why that is a question. Clearly, the guy did enough already to have a problem, and that should be enough to get her to cut the cord (in addition to the myriad of other awful things).

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Photo: MTV

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