‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: See Naya Rivera, Lea Michele get their ‘Christmas’ on

Christmas -There are many major mysteries when it comes to television: The endings of “Lost” and “The Sopranos,” what land do deleted characters from pilots go to, and why in the world “Glee” is doing a Christmas episode this year.

Let us start this article off with a little bit of a warning, and that is that we’ve really only enjoyed 1.5 Christmas episodes that the show has done over the years, meaning that we enjoyed the first one in season 2 outright, and at least liked the New York part of the one last year. Meanwhile, the season 3 episode still remains one of the most annoying and unfunny episodes that the show has ever done. It was basically an homage to something that fulfilled only the dreams of the people making the show.

The Christmas episode this year is even more ridiculous than season 3, mostly because we’re going back and touching on a time in which Finn Hudson was still alive, and when Kurt and Blaine were broken up. We also already saw some of this Christmas last year. So if you love Santana, Kurt, and Rachel dressing up as elves (as seen in the photo above), you’ll probably love this.

Typically when a “Glee” episode comes around, we try to at least be excited about what sort of great things it could bring us without turning into Token Cynical Critic. But when an episode feels like a deliberate attempt to cash in on Christmas music, it’s just so difficult to do so. This is not something that we needed to see, especially since you are running that delicate risk of destroying your timeline, which you’ve already done a little bit by pulling “Wrecking Ball” and “Roar” out of nowhere and having your characters sing them.

If you want to feel better about “Glee,” then watch the preview here for next week’s “Puppet Master.” It may air on Thanksgiving and therefore be better fodder for your DVR, but Adam Lambert and Demi Lovato are at least going to be back.

Photo: Fox

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