‘The Blacklist’ spoilers: A reason for Red to want revenge

The Blacklist logo any seasonIf you have enjoyed “The Blacklist” as much as we have on NBC so far this season, then you are probably feeling the same sort of combination of emotions about there being no new episode this past Monday. While there may be a sense of joy that comes out knowing that there is another episode coming up later this season because of it, it does mean you have to wait even longer for the one that is going to possibly change part of the series’ scope forever.

In case you missed some of our previous teasers, this story is going to revolve largely on us meeting a character that is so dangerous, even Raymond Reddington himself is afraid of him. This story will spawn two episodes, and creates a brand-new look at what makes James Spader’s character tick.

But what other event coming up on the show is going to cause an emotional reaction from the Red character? According to a report from E! News, we are going to see the character in an upcoming episode have to deal with a crisis stemming from someone actually trying to place a hit on him. What will be slightly more interesting here is potentially who could be working with one of his enemies in order to make this happen. It could be in the two-part episode, or we could be talking about something that happens a little bit later down the road. One of the important things to keep in mind here is that we are only getting to the ninth episode on Monday. There is still over half the season still to go, and therefore plenty of opportunities to see Red, Liz Keen, the FBI, and all sorts of other parties battle each other for information, survival, or maybe a little bit of both.

Photo: NBC

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