‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 spoilers: David Morrissey on The Governor’s new challenge

The latest -This past episode of “The Walking Dead” was definitely a controversial one, mostly as we had an opportunity to see The Governor actually try to make a few strides towards redemption. Rather than actually trying to be the same sort of horrible / violent person that he has become associated with for most of the past several episodes (even when he was not around), he’s tried to take on a new identity, and find a new life as Brian. (Yes, this should make you think of a “Monty Python” movie.)

But will The Governor really be able to look on the bright side of life for a very long time? It’s going to be tricky for him, thanks to running into some old ghosts from his pasts who, unfortunately, are not like actual ghosts in that they are alive. Speaking to TV Guide, David Morrissey had the following to say all about it:

“We know that Meghan is alive, and the difficulty he has at the end of this episode is that he has reinvented himself completely and his past has caught up with him … One of the things about The Governor being Brian is that he prefers being this person.”

As we find out more and more about The Governor’s new life, it’s going to be harder to see him become the old villain, and herein lies the challenge for the show. If they continue to go down this road and allow us to see that the man has changed, it makes the situation much more complex. But, they have to be committed to it rather than seeing him go completely crazy at the end of the next new episode. If they do that, it’s more of an obvious cue to incite groans from those who saw that “twist” coming from just about a mile away.

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Photo: AMC

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