‘Homeland’ season 3, episode 9 video: The Damian Lewis, Mandy Patinkin scene you’re waiting for

Take a look -After watching “Homeland” season 3 on Sunday night, you may be feeling for the first time all season completely and totally invested with the journey of all of these characters. Thanks to that, you may also be finding yourself asking a very important question: What in the world is going to be coming up next?

When this past episode ended, we saw the arrival of Saul Berenson to the Tower of David, where Nicholas Brody has been left to more or less live out the rest of his days … or at least the days until Saul realized that he could be of use again to help in the battle against terrorism. In the sneak peek video below, you can see the start of that conversation between the two parties, and it is pretty darn easy to figure out that this is not something that is starting out on the best foot possible. Clearly, Brody is sick and in a state of disarray after everything that’s happened to him, and understandably so. The guy had his entire life completely and totally taken away, and as awful a person as he has been at times, we imagine that there is something harrowing that comes in being stuck in a building and doing heroin to get through the day.

But now that Saul is back, the questions have to pour into Brody’s mind. Does this mean that Carrie is back in the picture? Will I get to go back to America? We’re sure that these could be running through his mind, but in the moment with Saul he instead asks why he had to rescue him at all. Couldn’t he have just been left for dead? Unfortunately for Brody, Saul informs him that this was really not an option for him at all.

Do you think that Brody will help Saul, or are we looking more here at a match that is really just doomed to fail? Share all of your thoughts / predictions on the subject below, and click here if you haven’t heard the big news yet that is going to dramatically impact the finale.

Photo: Showtime

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