‘The Big Bang theory’ season 7, episode 9 review: Penny’s unhappy Thanksgiving

The latest -Thanksgiving specials tend to bring out the best in many shows, but we’re not quite sure that “The Big Bang Theory” had that for most of its episode. Instead, we had a fight between Leonard and Penny, predictable cow-tipping jokes, but then also potentially one of the worst random series of jokes about slavery ever.

Seriously, who thought that it would be a good idea for Sheldon to go down that road? We’ve always found racial insensitivity to be the worst part of the character; while it makes sense, it is pretty uncomfortable. At least these jokes went away after about ten minutes when we actually saw something pretty emotional in Sheldon bonding slightly with Bernadette’s father. He has not spoken about his father much over the course of the series’ run, and this was actually pretty nice to see this sort of side of him. It informed us more about the character than what we’ve seen in years.

Then, there was Penny’s revelation that she was actually married, and the return of Zack to sign the annulment. This was a story that was funny at times, but not nearly as interesting as we were hoping that it was going to be. Instead, it was just a bunch of bickering, which is what happens the majority of the time that these two fight. Even though they are the couple at the center of the show, it still strangely feels less fun when they argue more than any other character. Amy / Sheldon still are the best bickering lovers, mostly because Sheldon has some sort of retort to almost everything.

The Jim Parsons / Casey Sander seasons were almost enough to make up for the rest of the episode … almost. This felt like a story that showed promise towards the end, but really should have been an hour long. Instead, it was cut short before we really got to the funny part, and two-thirds of the memories that we have (from the fighting to the slave jokes) are not good ones. Sheldon’s daddy issues only go so far. Grade: C.

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