‘Doctor Who’ 50th anniversary special: David Tennant teaches us (hilariously) about special effects

The latest -As a way to get yourself even further excited about the upcoming “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special (just in case you really needed to be more excited than you already were), how about a new video featuring one of the show’s biggest stars?

There are so many different reasons why we love this clip featuring David Tennant, starting with the fact that it’s just David Tennant. He remains one of the most-popular Doctors ever, and he has been so game throughout this whole process to have some more fun with a role that he doesn’t even play anymore with regularity. This entire clip is presented with some sort of gloriously-terrible elevator music, and also Tennant trying to convince us that the wonderful special effects on the show are created using materials that you can pick up at the local dollar store. We don’t believe him for a second, but the commitment that he puts into it makes it all the more entertaining.

This video is also more proof of the commitment that the BBC is putting into making this special something that is both thoroughly entertaining and also significant to the history of the show. They want it to set ratings records, and we don’t quite blame them given how much time has been put into production. This is why they are airing it at the same time around the globe, and while they don’t get ratings from the showings in theaters, they are making money there from other means. The main goal here just seems to be to turn “Doctor Who” into an event, and they are pulling that off in spades. The other exciting thing there that is being somewhat overlooked is that the Christmas special is just over a month away, and this contains a huge event in the regeneration, which will lead to season 8 featuring Peter Capaldi.

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Photo: BBC

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