ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 10 video: See Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic with the baby

Another -“The Good, The Bad, and the Baby” may be one of the best episodes of “Castle” over the course of the show’s entire history, at least so long as the new sneak peek presented to us by ABC is any indication. This looks like it is going to be a pretty darn funny hour of television, and also teach us a thing or to about whether or not Rick and Kate are going to have children at any point in the future.

What makes the sneak peek so entertaining to us is that it’s a complete reversal of the traditional gender roles when it comes to children, especially as we often see on television. While Beckett looks completely clueless, Nathan Fillion’s character is a diaper-changing whiz who knows everything that you are supposed to with your child, and also everything that you are supposed to avoid. This is also a nice change from when the two are detectives, mostly because that is where we typically see Stana Katic’s character take the lead while Castle hangs back in the sidelines.

In case you haven’t heard yet why these two characters are taking care of a child in the first place, it is a reaction to them finding a kid abandoned at a church, and they are trying to solve two cases at the same time: A complicated case, and also the guardian for this baby. This is going to be in some ways an emotional hour, since it gives you just an opportunity to see a different side to our characters. Have we already seen Rick as a parent dozens of times? Sure, but there is a difference between having a conversation with Alexis (who has been missing in action the past two episodes), and trying to take on a newborn. For Beckett, this is also not a situation where she can be at more of a distance; it’s a shared responsibility, and one that will definitely force her to bring out a much different side of herself.

If you want to see some more scoop about this sure-to-entertain episode, just be sure to click here. That’s where you can see a full review, and get another teaser about what is coming up.

Photo: ABC

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